Jack Up Drilling Rig for Sale

Jack Up Drilling Rig for Sale

Jack Up Drilling Rig for Sale

General Description

Design / Generation Friede & Goldman JU 2000

Built in: Singapore

Year Built 2002

Classification ABS

Overall Dimensions 335 ft long x 260.5 ft wide x 31 ft deep

Legs 3 x 548 ft. long; Triangular

Drafts 21 ft

Accommodation 120 persons

Displacement 48,826 kips

Variable Deck 5,000 st operating / 4,050 st transit

Operating Water Depth 400 ft designed / 400 ft outfitted

Maximum Drilling Depth 30,000 ft

Drilling Equipment

Derrick Single National Oilwell / DRECO, 170 ft. high, with 40 ft. long, 40 ft. wide base.

Hookload Capacity 1,500,000 lbs.

Cantilever 15ft/ 75 ft reach aft, 15 ft. port / 15ft. stbd.

Drawworks National Oilwell 1625-UDBE, 3 x GE-752 Hi Torque electric motors; 3,000 hp, 1,420,000 lbs with 14 1-¾ in. drilling lines.

Rotary Table National Oilwell D-495 49-½ in. hydraulic, 800 st.

Top Drive National Oilwell PS2 650/750, 680 st capacity, with AC motor, rated to 47,870 ft/lbs. continuous drilling torque in low gear.

Tubular Handling Arm mounted Hawkjaw Iron roughneck. National-Oilwell derrick Star Racker system. Horizontal to Vertical Trolley system.

Mud Pumps 3 x National-Oilwell 2,200 hp triplex pumps, each driven by 2 x GE 752 traction motors.

HP Mud System Rated for 7,500 PSI.

Solids Control 5 x Swaco Mongoose Balanced Elliptical Shale Shakers.

Jack Up Drilling Rig for Sale

Power & Machinery

Main Power 6 x Caterpillar 3516B diesel engines rated at 1,383 kW, 1,200 rpm, each driving 1,150 kVA Caterpillar SR4 generators.

Emergency Power 1 x Caterpillar 3508 diesel engine rated 960 kW, 1,800 rpm driving an Caterpillar SR4 generator.

Storage Capacities

Fuel Oil 3,958 bbl

Liquid Mud 4,727 bbl active

Base Oil 1,377 bbl

Brine 900 bbl

Drill Water 12,300 bbl

Potable Water 2,140 bbl

Bulk Material 8,960 cu. ft bentonite/barite + 8,960 cu. ft. cement

Sack Storage 5,000 sacks

BOP & Subsea Equipment

BOP Rams Hydril 18-¾ in., 15,000 psi pressure capability; 4-ram preventer; (2 x doubles).

BOP Annular Hydril 18-¾ in., 10,000 psi pressure capability; 1 x Hydril GX 18-10M Annular BOP Assembly.

BOP Handling Overhead MOS Bridge Crane 125 st. 2 each 15 st MOS Maintenance Cranes. 2 each MOS BOP Hydraulic Skid Carts

Diverter 49.5 in. 1000 PSI ABB Vetco Gray KFDJ-1000 diverter with a 16 in. flow line and 16 in overboard lines.

Mooring Equipment

Mooring Winches 4 x Intercontinental SD 200, 75,000 lbs pull capacity.

Anchor Lines 4 x 2 in. and 3,000 ft. EPIS 6×36 IWRC galvanized wire rope

Anchors 4 x 8.4 st Delta flipper anchors.

Jack Up Drilling Rig for Sale


Port &Stbd. Cranes 2 x 55.6 st National Oilwell Kingpost 72 DNS Cranes.

Stb. Fwrd. Crane 1 x 55.6 st National Oilwell Kingpost 60 DNS Cranes.

Knuckle-Boom Cra. 1 x 55.6 st Hydralift KMCVCT 1891 Knuckle Boom Crane, dedicated to bucking unit (drill pipes up to 9 ½” and casing up to 13 3/8”)

Special Features & Other Information

Helideck Rated for Sikorsky S61N, Sikorsky S92 & Eurocopter EC-225 helicopters.

Work Offline (WO) Ability to make up drilling stands and casing up to 13-3/8” offline.

Tensioning System 2 Systems providing primary vertical tension and lateral stability to the conductor string and secondary vertical tensioning to compensate for BOP stack loading.

RPD System Automated system providing real time feedback to the Operator and Jacking System to allow safe and efficient management of jacking and positioning legs.

Containment Sys. Built for zero discharge and containment to meet all of today’s environmental issues and concerns.


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