MPSV 86M New Built For Charter or Sale

MPSV 86M New Built For Charter or Sale

MPSV 86M New Built For Charter or Sale


Year Built                             March & April 2016

Builder                                China

Call Sign                             TBA

Official No.                           TBA

Class                                  ABS +A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel,



Flag                                    TBC


Length Overall                      86.00m

Length BP                            81.30m

Beam Molded                       20.00m

Depth to Main Deck               08.40m

Design Draft                         06.40m



Main Diesel Generators           4 x 1825 KW (4 x 2447HP)

Emergency Generator            1 x 350 KW

Shore Power                         1 x 400A Shore Supply Receptacle

Thrusters                             2 x 2200KW 360 deg Azimuths

Bow Thrusters                      2 x 880 KW tunnel Thruster



Speed at 05.00m Draft            14.00 Knots. 100% MCR

Type of Fuel                         Marine Gas Oil

Fuel Consumption                 10 – 12mt at eco speed (10.5knts)

14 – 15mt at service speed (12.5knts)

6-8mt on DP


Fuel Oil                                780 Cu.M

Fresh Water                           730 Cu.M Water Ballast/Drill Water         2000 Cu.M

Dry Bulk                                420 Cu.M

Mud / Brine / RO                   1310 Cu.M

Metanol / Mud / RO                 330 Cu.M

Brine / Mud                             170 Cu.M

Deadweight                          5000 t

Deck Cargo Capacity              1500 t

Cargo Deck Free Area            950 m2

Deck Strength                      7.5t/ m2

Freezer                                To store provisions 30 Days

Cooler                                 To store provisions 30 Days


Fuel                                    2 x 150 Cu.M @ 80m Hd

Fresh Water                          2 x 150 Cu.M @ 80m Hd

Dry Bulk                               2 x 60t Simultaneous Discharge

Mud / Brine                          2 x 75 Cu.M @ 20m Hd

Metanol                               2 x 50 Cu.M @ 80m Hd


Cabins                                  8 Single

5 Doubles

16 Quads

Total Beds                           82 total

1 x Hospital                           1 beds

Offices                                 6

Gym                                     1

Sewage system                     82 POB

Fixed gas Detection               H2s and LEL

MOONPOOL                          4.2m x 4.2m

DECK CRANE                        100T @ 15m, 3000m Capacity

Cargo rail crane                     2.5T @ 15m

HELIDECK       D=22.2m

RADIO & NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT                                                       

GMDSS: Area 3

1 x Inmarsat C with SSAS and LRIT

1 x MF/HF-DSC Radio Telephone

Official No.                           TBA

2 x VHF-DSC Radio Telephone Class

1 x SSB Transceiver 6 Channel DSC

1 x 96nm X-band Radar 20.1″ display FFV-1, +AMS +ACCU + DPS2

1 x 96nm S band 20.1″ display

4 x VHF Portable radios 1 x Magnetic Compass

1 x Gyrocompass

1 x DGPS

1 x Autopilot

1 x Duplex VHF with DSC

1 x Echo Sounder ,Speed log


1 x Anemometer


1 x Weather Fax Receiver

1 x Auto Telephone system

1 x Sound Powered Telephone system Thrusters

2 x 2200KW 360 degAzimuths

Local Area Network (pre installed)

1 x TV and Radio system


DP KONGSBERG C Pos DPS-2, with following reference systems:

3 x Gyro Compass (One supplied by radio vendor,the other two

supplied by DP vendor)

-3 x Wind sensors – 3 x VRUs – 3 x DGPS

1 x Radius

Seachest provided for HIPAP (Optional)


Anchors                                  2 x 3037.5kgs HHP

Chain                                      50mm U2 grade Tot 522.5 M

Anchor/ Mooring Windlass           2 x 12t @ 0 – 09m min C/W warping heads

Tugger Winches                    2 x 10t @ 12m min

Capstans                                2 x 10t @ 12mmin

FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM                                                             

Fi Fi Class 1 2 x 1600 Cu.m @ 125m Hd

Monitors Remote control 2 x 1200 Cu.M One with duel Foam /Water

Emergency Fire Pump 40 Cu.M @ 60m Hd

Fixed Co2 System

Engine Room / EG Room

Fixed Water Mist System         Engine Room

4 x fireman outfits

2 x fire blankets for engine room andgalley

LSA EQUIPMENT                 

1 x Diesel Powered Fast Rescue Boat for 15 persons. With A Frame

Launch and Recovery Davit 2

x 25 man life rafts SOLAS

2 x 85 Man TEMPSC

1 x EPIRB SOLAS approved

1 x Line Throwing Apparatus 2 x Orange Smoke Signals

SOLAS approved line throwing appliance

1 x First Aid Kit

1 x daylight signaling light

1 x air horn Fixed gas Detection H2s and LEL


1 x 10 t/d Fresh Water Maker

2 x Ships Air Compressor 22 m/3 hr

Oily Bilge Water Separator

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