New Built – DP2 Pipelay Vessel for Sale


New Built – DP2 Pipelay Vessel for Sale

New Built – DP2 Pipelay Vessel for Sale

General Paricular

Class: CSS – DP2 Pipelay

Flag: China

LOA excluding Stinger 105m

Length BP 100m

Breadth (molded) 26m

Extreme breadth (incl. anchor racks) 26m

Depth molded to main deck 6.5m

Lightship displacement 8573t

Lightship weight 6124t

Transit draught 2.7 ~4.7m

Gross tonnage 7677t

Net tonnage 2303t


Transit Speed 11.2 knots

Free main deck area 1280m²

Ballast capacity 1692.19m³

Engine lub. Oil capacity 23.85 m³

Fuel oil capacity 917.36 m³

Dirty oil 23.85 m³

F.O. Overflow 23.85 m³

Oily bilge 63.6 m³

Fuel oil day tanks 58 m³

Portable water capacity 477m3

Fresh water capacity 366 m³

Fresh water generators (RO) 1058US gallons/day

The barge was equipped with lube oil tank, dirty oil tank, sea water setting tanks, and oil treatment unites. The barge also have a holding tank and treatment units for sewage with sufficient capacity to fulfill the relevant regulations and IMO requirements. Barge also equipped with 2 tons fork lift.

Air Compressor. The motor-driven engine, with capacity of 120 m³/h at 3.0MPa.


Propulsion engines 2x1768KW-LC8250ZLC-2

Power generation 4x1200KW/825r.p.m  400V/50HZ

400kw/1500r.p.m 400V/50HZ

200kw/1000r.p.m 400V/50HZ


Main Thrusters 2Xwsp240-FP, 2x 1765 KW/825r.p.m

Side Thrusters 2xCt165-CP, 2×800 KW/1480r.p.m

Forward All-direction Retractable Thrusters WSP165-FP-I, 700 KW/1470r.p.m

Mooring system

Positioning Winches 8 Sets AMCLYDE MODEL 6000-M2 (7.5t)

Positioning Anchor ability

The inner tension 100.8T

The middle layer tension 75T

The outermost pull 55T

Anchor Wire Length 1500m Ø 56

Rolling up the line speed

Load rating 750KN*10m/min

Underload 150KN*125m/min

Put the line speed 50KN*125m/min

Deck Crane

Span 4.5m~28m

Maximum lifting capacity 30T

Slewing angle 360° Endless

Hoisting speed 30 t x 16 m/min

New Built – DP2 Pipelay Vessel for Sale

Pipe lay System

Capacity 4″ – 60″ diameter pipe

Tensioner 120t

Sheltered conveyor system and powered transverse conveyors with elevating and non elevation capabilities, comprising.

Main firing line:

4 welding stations

NDT station (X-Ray or Ultrasonic) 1

AUT (X) 1

Coating station 1

Control Room:

Tension machine and conveying rollers from midship bridge work remote control.

A & R Winch 120T


Welding Machines

15 sets of Lincoln 400 Amp. or equivalent, permanently installed on the barge.

5 sets of skid mounted diesel powered Lincoln 400 Amp. D/Ct.

2 sets of TIG Welding.

2 Gouging sets of Lincoln 600 Amp. D/C.

Cable Laying System

One set of equipment for laying 50mm to 200mm. O.D. steel amored cable, with Tensioners systems to control the cable tension.


212 Persons. All accommodation areas are centrally air-conditioned

Inclusive spacious galley and mess room laundry, dry / cold stores,

Change rooms, TV rooms and recreation facilities. Supplemental facilities include offices, conference rooms, helicopter arrival/departure lounges,

Safety/security office and hospital with separate treatment room, etc.

Barge was furnished with natural and forced ventilation system. Barge also equipped with both natural and forced ventilation systems.

Safety Appliances

In accordance with SOLAS 74, with relevant SOLAS 83 amendment.

Barge with safety certificate and equipped with requisite lifesaving equipment on board, including fire extinguishers, life rings, life jackets, life rafts, pressurized fire water system, dry chemical, CO2 fire fighting systems of CCS Standards. Barge also equipped with eye wash and emergency showers at proper location.

Communication Equipment:

VHF air phone IC-A110, Aviation position

Aviation handheld radios IC-A24 nautel company USA (119.000 – 135.975 MHz)



Dynamic Positioning System

The vessel has a PRAXIS Class 2 fully redundant dynamic positioning system. The System consists of one DP Control Station on the navigation bridge.

New Built – DP2 Pipelay Vessel for Sale

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