Pipelay Barge For Sale Or Charter

Pipelay Barge For Sale Or Charter

Pipelay Barge For Sale Or Charter

Barge Particulars:

Pipelaying Barge

Classification ABS / A1 crane / pipelay vessel with a ball system

Year Built 2010


Dimensions(L×B×D) 169×46×13.5m

Operating draught / maximum 5.0-6.5/9m

Gross tonnage 39,989t


Single drum winch 12×150t

Rope diameter / length 76mm/ 2500m

Nominal pull capacity / speed 1 100kN/24/min

Holding load 400 t(at 3rd layer)

Anchors 12×20 t, Flipper Delta type


Pipe diameter 6 to 60 inches

Tensioners REMACUT 2×100 T

A&r winch REMACUT 1×200 t

Firing line 6 welding st ations , 1 NDT / repair , 3 coating

stations , 1 anode installation station

Davits 6 port side davits:

Outermost davits;2×100 t

Central davits:4 × 80 t

Stinger(L×B at tie-ins) 80× 16 m , three-section

Lay radius 150 to 350 m


Stationary tiwer crane 1× 100 t

Caterpillar crane 1×250 t , Kobelco CKE 2500

Stationary full-revolving aft deck crane* 1×1600 t × 35m(300t×72m)ZPMC

(*to be installed in 2012)


Capacity 310 persons

Pull capacity allows to install both small diameter pipe in the deep water and large trunklines in shallow water. areas Installed tension system with A capacity of 200t ensures pipelay operations at the Depth up to 350 m.

Tensioners are intended to carry Out laying of pipes with a diameter from 6 to 60 inches.  Three-section stinger design enables to chang its configuration based on specification of various Projects covering both deep sea and shallow water Pipelay.

For shallow water installation, the stinger’s end sections are removed ensuring a larger overbend radius. In case of a deep water pipelay radius, the Angle of pipe departure from the stinger’s eng is 90 degrees

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