Semi-Submersible Heavy Load Carrier for Sale

Semi-Submersible Heavy Load Carrier for Sale

Semi-Submersible Heavy Load Carrier for Sale

New Built – 2021


Technical Specifications

Flag:                                  Liberia

Year of build:                       Dec.2021

Classification:                      CCS

DP System:                            DP2

Service Speed:                       13.50 knots

Endurance:                            18,000 nautical miles

Main Generators:                     3000 Kw X 6 Sets

Propulsion:                           2 x 5000Kw ABB Azipod

Bow Thrusters:                       2 x 2700 Kw

LOA:                                   218.36 m

LBP:                                   211.9 m

Breadth Moulded:                     43.00 m

Draught at dwl:                      10.0 m

Draught scantling (submerged):    26.35 m

Deck Submersion:                     13.00 m

Hull Depth:                           13.35 m

Cargo Deck:                           163.5 x 43 m (with 2 casings in position)

178.9 x 43 m (with 2 casings moving off)

Two casings’ transverse distance: 25.85 m

Deadweight:                           About 50,000 MT

Bulkheads:                            5 Transverse bulkheads

Longitudinal bulkheads – one at centreline, two at 11.375 meters and another two at 21.5 meters from centreline

Web Frame Spacing:                  Every 0.8 meters

Allowable Load on Main Deck:      Uniform deck load 25 tonnes/m2

Point load at any longitudinal frame 25 tonnes

Point load at any transverse web frame 100 tonnes

Casings:                              13.00 x 5.75 x 14.7m, 2 Sets

Ballast System:               4*7095m3/hour air compressors

71 ballast tanks, including top tanks, double bottom tanks, centre tanks and side tanks, total 95585 MT ballast water, enabling the vessel to better control motions and accelerations

Power Supply to Cargo:                440V, 60Hz, 2 x 500kW

Accommodation: Total 48 persons including crew by 39 various cabins

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